Yudian instruments are strictly controlled on temperature drift. The measurement temperature drift of AI-7/8 series high performance energy saving instrument Is less than 30ppm/oC, far lower than the market standard.

AI series instruments and industrial control modules are designed with a service life of more than 10 years, with 3-year free repair within the warranty period. An easily replicable modular design and one billion times rewritable FRAM extends the service life of the products, effectively reducing the occurrence of electronic garbage, as well as the cost generated by replacing faulty and low performance instruments.

  • AI Series of Intelligent Industrial / Temperature Controllers
  • Multi-channel Indicating / Alarming Instruments
  • Flow Totalizers
  • Voltage/Current/Power Meter
  • Paperless Recorders
  • D5/E5 series rail mounting intelligent module (including single channel / dual-channel temperature transmitter, switching value and analog input /output module, four-channel PID temperature control module, AI PID control module and flow totalizers module)
  • Three-phase thyristor phase-shifting trigger

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