Transmitter & Isolators

Transmitter & Isolators combines the proven quality of HART® certification with the robustness of NOVUS devices. The transmitter is compatible with HART® certified devices and it has electrical isolation between input and output, supporting voltage surges up to 1.5 kVrms. Its great differential is the total configuration through the two 4-20 mA current loop wires, which means more features for device configuration and monitoring.

By using a worldwide known protocol with more than 40 million field instruments supporting HART® technology, NOVUS’s temperature transmitter TxIsoRail-HRT enables the use of standard HART® configuration and supervision software that provides flexibility to users.


 Input Type: J, K, T, N, R, S, B, E, Pt100, Pt1000, NTC and 0-50 mV

– Accuracy Typical:
Pt1000 / mV: 0.07 % span
Pt100: 0.08 % span
T/C: 0.07 % span ±1 °C (1.8 °F)
NTC: 0.2 °C (0.36 °F)

– Maximum:
Pt1000 / mV: 0.15 % span
Pt100: 0.15 % span
T/C: 0.15 % span ±1 °C (1.8 °F)
NTC: 0.45 °C (0.81 °F)

– Output Type: 4-20 mA

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